In Your Own Little [Kindle] World

Last night I purchased a short story from Kindle Worlds, and as I was browsing, I was surprised there weren’t more options. Perhaps readers aren’t big fans of short stories or novellas, or perhaps authors don’t wish to incorporate ideas into their writing that aren’t their own. It could be that not many people know about Kindle Worlds – or is it a combination of all of the above?

Haven’t heard of Kindle Worlds? Apparently you’re not alone!

Kindle Worlds allows writers to create their own story using elements from a popular book, television show, comic strip or even a video game. For example, a writer would be allowed to use anything from setting to characters from any of the books listed on Kindle Worlds to come up with a new, yet related, story.

It’s a great opportunity for fans to get more of their favorite book or TV show and for writers to flex their creative muscles. Plus, they’re a quick, fun read and pretty cheap. Browse through the many Worlds here and shop for short stories/novellas here. There is a side bar on the left that lets you narrow your choices down by a certain World or genre.

Have you ever heard of Kindle Worlds? If so, have you ever read anything from a World? What are some of your favorites?

I would love to hear what you think and share it with others in the comments below!




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